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In May of 2015, after five days of trial in the case of Patricia Hancock v. Time Warner Cable Services LLC, et al., Kokozian Law Firm achieved a jury verdict of $2,770,184 against Time Warner on behalf of a long-term employee of the company who was fired from her job due to a disability that was caused by an on-the-job injury. Time Warner failed to accommodate her disability and failed to engage in an interactive process with her regarding her disability. Instead, the company fired her, claiming that when she took a prescription medication at home to alleviate the pain caused by the work-related injury, she violated the company’s drug-free workplace policy. The jury saw past the company’s defense and awarded Patricia Hancock $2,770,184, including punitive damages against Time Warner in excess of two million dollars.

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Recently, Kokozian Law Firm, APC, was able to achieve one of the highest verdicts in favor of an individual employee Plaintiff in the history of Southern California. In the case of April Rodriguez v. Valley Vista Services, Inc. et. Al., (2013), Plaintiff April Rodriguez was wrongfully terminated and discriminated against (among other causes of action) on the basis of her mental disability of panic attacks. Her trial was held between January and February 2013, and in February a jury verdict in excess of $21.7 million was reached in her favor.

News of this landmark case spread like wildfire through the news media. The verdict was a major victory for employee rights, and the size of the victory quelled fears that recent decisions from the California Supreme Court would impede an employee’s ability to successfully bring a case for wrongful termination or discrimination.

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Additionally, our firm has appeared in the news often in the past. To see more, please view the following Daily Journal article from the case of Gonzalez v. ATI Systems International, Inc.

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