Case Results

*Below are some examples of Attorney Bruce Kokozian’s past case results:

Wrongful Termination

$2,770,184 - Patricia Hancock v. Time Warner Cable LLC et al. (2015). Trial victory against Defendants for failure to accommodate disabled employee (neck and back injury). Click here to see more (PDF).

$500,000 - Wrongful Termination for Heart Disability.

$500,000 - Wrongful Termination for Disability.

$325,000 - Wrongful Termination/Disability Discrimination.

$287,734 - Wrongful Termination/Disability Discrimination.

$750,000 - Wrongful Termination/Disability Discrimination.

$111,764 - Wrongful Termination/Pregnancy Discrimination.

$111,764 - Norma Perez v. Dastmalchi Enterprises. Click here to see more (PDF).

$50,000 - Wrongful Termination/Disability Discrimination.

$287,734 - Maria Vega v. Radnet Management Inc. Click here to see more (PDF).

$80,000 - Wrongful termination and failure to accommodate a fractured hand.

$200,000 - Wrongful termination and discrimination due to race and ethnicity and harassment.

$690,000 - Wrongful termination due to age for long term employee.

Sexual Harassment

$125,000 - Male on male sexual harassment.

$950,000 - Sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

$95,000 - Sexual Harassment: An employee who had begun work for a company less than two weeks prior was harassed by a supervisor and quit the job because of the harassment.

$305,000 - Sexual Harassment Case.

$112,000 - Sexual Harassment Case.

$325,000 - Male worker sexually harassed female worker at the workplace.

$160,000 - Verbal sexual harassment and retaliation.


Over $21.7 Million - April Rodriguez v. Valley Vista Services, Inc. et. al., (2013) Click here to see more (PDF).

$95,000 - Pregnancy Discrimination and denial of Pregnancy Disability Leave.

$195,000 - Pregnancy Discrimination: Long term employee fired due to pregnancy.

$100,000 - Disability Discrimination case.

$130,000 - Pregnancy Discrimination, sexual harassment, and defamation at the workplace.

$82,500 - Pregnancy discrimination case for a short term employee.

Wage & Hour

$2,000,000 - Wage and Hour Class Action against Food chain.

$2.496 million - Class Action: Employees were not paid overtime wages, given rest or meal breaks, or given proper pay statements.

$550,000 - Class Action/Wage Hour.

$550,000 - Class Action: A security company did not pay all owed wages to its employees.

$167,500 - Wage and Hour class action against nursing home.

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*Please note the above list is not a warranty or guarantee of any outcome for any case, as every case is different. There are many risks in lawsuits, and the outcomes are rarely certain.