Sexual Harassment as a Result of Sexual Jokes

Sexual jokes are very common at the workplace. Sexual jokes can be offensive and they can make the working environment at the workplace very unpleasant. If the sexual joking is persistent, it may amount to sexual harassment. California law protects employees from hostile working environments that are created by sexual joking. Cal. Gov. C. §12940(j)(1).

An example: A female employee works in an office where she is surrounded by male employees. The men in the office like to make sexual jokes with each other even when the female employee is present. Being that she is the only female there, she feels very uncomfortable about the situation. When she expresses this to her male co-workers, it only makes things worse. The men find it funny that she is uncomfortable, so not only do they keep on making sexual jokes around her, but they begin to use her as an example in their jokes. If you are experiencing or have experienced a similar situation, contact our office.

Another example: A female employee used to go out with a male co-worker. However, after a year of dating they both decided that things were not working out. The male employee was not too happy about the situation and began talking about their sex life to other employees. About a year later, the female employee got pregnant. Many of the male employees began spreading rumors that the father might be the male co-worker who she used to date. They also began joking about how “easy” the female employee is and how sooner or later she would sleep with each one of them. If you are experiencing or have experienced a similar situation, contact our office.

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