Walnut Park, California

Walnut Park is a densely-populated neighborhood in the area south of downtown Los Angeles. It is a densely-populated area, coming in eighth after Hollywood in terms of population density, and coming in third after East Los Angeles and Maywood in terms of percentage of Latino and Hispanic residents with close to ninety-five and a half percent. Walnut Park’s northern border is Florence Avenue, separating it from its northern neighbor, the city of Huntington Park. The neighborhood’s western border is Santa Fe Avenue, across from which is Florence Graham, a neighborhood that is also known as Florence Firestone. The southwestern corner of Walnut Park has the appearance of a boot extending from the rectangular shape with the toe pointing eastward. The sole portion of the boot is traced by a railroad track with the tip of the toe at the intersection of the track with Long Beach Boulevard, at which point the boundary curves upward and westward along the boulevard until it meets with Cudahy Street and heads eastward until it meets at Madison Avenue. Walnut Park’s southern neighbor on the other side of this border is South Gate. The eastern boundary of Walnut Park runs north parallel to Madison Avenue and State Street. On the other side of this boundary are the cities and neighborhoods of Bell, Cudahy, and South Gate.

Walnut Park is a mostly residential neighborhood. There are no large industrial blocks or zones filled with warehouses that hire large numbers of employees. The largest employers in the neighborhood are most likely the school district and the local government. The private employers who do work within Walnut Park are either small business, such as individually-owned restaurants, dental offices, tattoo parlors, auto shops, and medical offices; or they are franchised or chain establishments associated with larger companies that provide services to local residences. The standard format for business placement in Walnut Park is the strip mall or free-standing businesses on street corners along such roads as Pacific Boulevard and Florence Avenue, Walnut Park’s northern border. Therefore, the bulk of the residents of Walnut Park are employed outside of the area that have a higher concentration of employers, such as nearby downtown Los Angeles, Commerce, and Bell, or further out to inland cities and counties that have enjoyed a recent boom in warehousing and logistics development, such as San Bernardino, Ontario, and Redlands. Workers who might have found local jobs in the automotive, aerospace, or tire manufacturing industry in decades past are now forced to commute long distances to high-pressure, low-wage jobs with few benefits. Employees can be susceptible to injury on the job due to the pressure to sustain a certain pace. Repeated unsafe use of the back, hips, and neck can lead to cumulative trauma that requires the worker to seek medical care and to take a leave of absence, a temporary reduction of work hours, or a temporary relocation to another position that does not aggravate the injury and allows it to heal. An employer may deny that a different position is available and terminate the employee due to the inability to perform as well as required due to the injury. Employees from Walnut Park whose employee rights have been violated can call our office for a free consultation.