Pasadena, California

Pasadena, a world-class city in its own right, and geographically separated from the greater Los Angeles Area, is known the world around for a number of standout features. The beginning of every year is marked by citizens around the country by two Pasadena events that are drenched in history and glamour, a major parade and college football, two of the oldest events of their kind, which got their starts around the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century. When the rest of the country thinks about Pasadena, most frequently what comes to their minds no doubt is this duo of holiday events. The city is home to what is ranked as one of the best universities – and sometimes the best university – in the world by various global ranking organizations, and is also a major nexus in the country’s aerospace research, design, and program development network. It is therefore no surprise that among the top five employers in Pasadena, a number of them are the university itself and the affiliated aerospace entities. The other employers in that ranking are the local hospitals and the local school district.

Pasadena, however, is much more complex a city than the limited aspects of it known to the public at large. Angelenos like to visit a renovated urban district, a busy main drag dense with stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and movie houses. Not unlike the similarly planned pedestrian shopping area in Santa Monica, it is a polished reimagining of the historic downtown districts where people would walk around and enjoy an active social atmosphere while shopping and dining. These versions are built by large corporate developers who over the past decades have seen the value in creating sculpted pedestrian-friendly zones that in the previous century had been wiped out to make room for more roadways. At that time, developers preferred to create enclosed shopping malls surrounded by massive parking lots with no visual appeal for approaching pedestrians.

Pasadena is bounded to the north by Altadena and the San Gabriel Mountains; to the east by Sierra Madre and East Pasadena; to the south by South Pasadena, San Marino, and Alhambra; and to the west by the city of Glendale and the Arroyo Seco Park and Parkway. Our office is about twenty-four miles from Pasadena.

Pasadena employees have the right not to be sexually harassed on the job, or discriminated against due to their gender. While historic strides within the scientific community have been made to ensure equal respect and treatment of female employees, the fields of science, tech, engineering and mathematics continue to be male-dominated, and women attempting to enter into or advance their careers in the field encounter barriers built up by the male establishment. As in the famous case that was litigated in northern California, a female employee may find herself in this situation, complain about gender discrimination, and then be terminated from her current position, though the employer may create a pretense for the termination, such as prior less-than-stellar performance review. Each person’s employment situation is unique, so if you feel that your rights as a worker have been violated, contact us.