Panorama City, California

Panorama City is located in the eastern half of the San Fernando Valley. It was originally a planned community by developers when it was established in 1948, and remains mostly residential, though along the major roadways passing through Panorama City, such as Roscoe Boulevard, Van Nuys Boulevard, which runs along the eastern border of the city, and Woodman Avenue, traffic is high and the streets are crowded with businesses which cater to the largely Latino and Hispanic residents. Housing in Panorama City ranges from modest low-level apartments to middle-class single-family houses, reflecting the income level of most residents of the area. Panorama City is surrounded by communities that are similarly situated, economically speaking. To the north are Arleta, Pacoima, and Mission Hills; to the west are Sepulveda, North Hills, and Lake Balboa; to the south is Van Nuys; and to the east is Sun Valley, which is known to San Fernando Valley residents as the home of small industrial businesses, a landfill, and large junkyards.

One of Panorama City’s largest employers in the area’s history was an auto assembly plant owned and operated by the country’s largest auto company. The plant was called Van Nuys Assembly, which was opened in 1947 at the border with the city of Van Nuys, near the intersection of Van Nuys Boulevard and Roscoe Boulevard. At its peak it was that company’s largest plant in the country. As of today, there are no auto plants in the country that are as large as Van Nuys Assembly was. The plant was closed in 1992 and torn down six years later. For years the land lay unused, but it finally was transformed by commercial developers and it is now occupied by a huge shopping and entertainment center. It is home to retail chains, many restaurants and a sixteen-screen cinema. Employees at the new development do not receive the same job security, wages, or benefits as did the employees of the assembly plant when it was there.

One of Pasadena’s largest employers currently is a large medical complex bounded by Woodman Avenue on the West, Roscoe Boulevard to the north, Ventura Canyon Avenue on the east, and Willard Street on the south. Among the staff employed by this facility are CNA’s, or certified nursing assistants. Controversy has recently come to light about the high number of injuries suffered by nurses and CNA’s who find themselves needing to reposition or move disabled patients to provide them with necessary care. This task may lead to strained backs, pulled muscles, pinched nerves, or even more severe internal injuries that may cause the hospital employee to become temporarily – and on some occasions permanently after a while – disabled. This may lead to CNA needing to take a leave of absence to seek treatment and recover from the disabling injury. In such a case, the employer may not want to continue to keep the CNA on the payroll and find some other pretense to wrongfully terminate him or her. Our office is about sixteen miles from Panorama City. If you feel you have been terminated from your job due to a disability, or are being discriminated against, contact us.