Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California has a population of about 495,000. Long Beach is bounded to the west by the Pacific Ocean, Carson, Torrance and the port city of San Pedro; to the east by Los Alamitos, Cypress and Hawaiian Gardens; to the north by Norwalk, Lakewood, Compton, Paramount and Bellflower; and to the south by Belmont Heights, Seal Beach and Leisure World. It is a coastal city with a large port, the Port of Long Beach, which is situated side-by-side with San Pedro’s Port of Los Angeles, which together form one of the world’s major transit points for goods that are shipped in and out of the country. Like many of other cities in the greater Los Angeles area, Long Beach owes much of its economic development to aerospace. Boeing is the city’s second-largest employer, and by a wide margin its largest private employer. The company occupies a large portion of the land adjacent to the Long Beach Airport.

Long Beach is the home of two of Los Angeles County’s major tourist attractions, the RMS Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific. The former is a massive ocean liner that has been permanently docked in the Long Beach Harbor since 1967. Visitors can enter into a world of 1930’s nautical history by taking a walking tour of the innards of the ship. If a tour is not sufficient, rooms are available for those who wish to stay the night aboard the ship. The latter attraction, the Aquarium of the Pacific, is more suitable for families with children. The themed aquariums, ponds, and pools are geared toward educating visitors about the various watery regions of the world and the living things that call them home.

Since 1977, a stretch of Shoreline Drive has annually been transformed into part of a race track. The event is called the Long Beach Grand Prix. The race also runs along Seaside Way and through Pine Avenue, which is usually known for dining and shopping during the rest of the year. During the weekend-long event, the whole area surrounding the track is converted to an auto-racing Mecca for enthusiasts.

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