Lennox, California

Lennox is a Los Angeles district of fewer than twenty-three thousand people that has as its western neighbor one of the world’s busiest and most well-known airports, Los Angeles International Airport, also known by its international call symbol, LAX. Passenger jets coming in for a landing at the airport fly over Lennox during the final approach. This leads to a high degree of noise pollution as well as an elevated concentration of particulate-based pollution, the latter of which was part of an extensive study in 2013 by experts on the environment and health from multiple universities, including the University of Southern California and the University of Washington. The study’s results indicate that the planes collectively contribute more of this kind of pollution to Lennox and the surrounding areas than does the automobile traffic from the nearby roads and freeways. The residents of Lennox and the neighboring communities are generally of lower income and have few opportunities to relocate to areas where both the air and noise pollution levels are lower.

The western boundary of Lennox, which is the eastern boundary of the airport, is South La Cienega Boulevard. The southern boundary of Lennox is described approximately by the curve of the Glenn Anderson Freeway, also known as the Century Freeway and as “the 105.” Lennox’s neighbor to the southwest is the neighborhood of Del Aire. Directly south of Lennox on the other side of the Century Freeway is the city of Hawthorne. The eastern boundary of the area runs a rectangular, jagged course between South Prairie Avenue and South Osage Avenue; and the northern boundary is similarly rectangular and jagged, running east and west between West 102nd Street and West Century Boulevard. Lennox is bound in on both the north and east sides by the city of Inglewood.

Lennox’s main artery for business is Hawthorne Boulevard, which runs north to south a little bit to the east of the halfway point between the eastern and western borders. Along the boulevard is a collection of corner shopping centers, strip malls, store fronts, and larger businesses that cater to the residents of the area, who are largely lower income and around ninety percent Hispanic or Latino. So on Hawthorne where it meets Lennox’s southern boundary, there is a carniceria on one side, and Lennox Academy, a successful charter high school designed to provide largely underprivileged students with advanced skills in technology, mathematics, and science, also often referred to as STEM skills. Travelling northward along Hawthorne Boulevard one comes across a large number of auto mechanics and body repair shops, as well as used car dealers promising easy credit, sometimes even using those words or similar in some combination in their business names. There are also several markets and restaurants designed to cater to the tastes of the locals. Workers who live in communities such as Lennox are frequently the targets of exploitation by employers, such as the hotels that line West Century Boulevard, one of the main roads leading into and out of Los Angeles International Airport. For example, housekeeping staff members are considered easily removed and replaced, so if one of them suffers a disability due to a serious illness and requires a leave of absence, the employee may be terminated rather than granted his or her rights under state and federal law. The thinking on the part of the employer is that such workers are less likely to pursue their rights and will simply move on. Each employee’s situation is unique and has its own facts. If you feel you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, contact our office for a free consultation.