Hawthorne, California

Hawthorne, California is the childhood home city of Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. A landmark commemorates the home where they grew up, which has been since demolished. Hawthorne’s population is around 90,145. Hawthorne’s neighbors include Lennox and Inglewood to the north, El Segundo and the Los Angeles International Airport to the west, Lawndale and Hermosa Beach to the south, and Gardena and El Camino Village to the east. In the nineteenth century, the area was largely used to raise cattle and sheep or grow barley. Now Hawthorne has its own airport, the Hawthorne Municipal Airport, known to many as Jack Northrop Field, located not far from the Beach Boys landmark. The airport was named after one of the pioneers of aircraft design, a man who set up shop in Hawthorne, and whose eponymous company helped energize the development of Hawthorne beginning at the end of the 1930’s from a small town of less than 7,000 residents to its current size. The city’s growth was a product of the snowballing aerospace industry, fed by military and commercial aviation contracts.

Hawthorne is dotted by a number of small parks, including Bodger Park, Eucalyptus Park, Hawthorne Memorial Park, Bicentennial Park, Zella Davis Park, and Jim Thorpe Park, the last of which is named after one of Hawthorne’s most famous residents alongside Jack Northrop – though the former’s legacy is but a ghost, while the latter’s continues to be a prominent part of what powers Hawthorne’s economic life. Thorpe was regarded during his life in the early decades of the 20th Century as one of history’s greatest athletes for his versatility and overall ability. During that time he excelled in college track, football and baseball, playing for teams at the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania, and then moved on to in the minor leagues in baseball before signing up with the New York Yankees, after which he transitioned to professional football after leaving the Yankees due to repeated clashes with the team’s coach. Once the National Football League was formed, he became its president. In additional to excelling in baseball and football, Thorpe also was an Olympic athlete in 1912, winning gold medals in both the pentathlon and decathlon for the United State of America. To date there are few players in history who can boast of having had such a diverse and celebrated career in the world of sports. Thorpe lived in Hawthorne in the latter half of the ‘40’s, long after his athletic career was behind him. Such is the desire of community leaders that they will work very hard to attach some sliver of the fame of a shining star like Thorpe – no matter how insubstantial the association – to the local landscape. The park itself is quite modest in scale and appearance, with a baseball field, a kiddy playground, and a wading pool.

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