Downey, California

Downey, California was named after former California governor John Gately Downey, an Irish immigrant, who established the city as the birthplace of California’s orange-growing industry. With modernization and industrialization, agricultural land was often replaced with industry; and Downey is no exception. This city is where the Apollo space program was born, as well as where many of the systems for the NASA space shuttle program were developed. The city now has a population of 113,715. As in Burbank, however, the shrinking and closure of major aviation and aerospace centers caused Downey to seek economic development elsewhere, namely retail, health care, and entertainment. The city of Downey is bounded on the north by Bell Gardens and Pico Rivera; on the south by Paramount, Bellflower and Norwalk; on the west by Lynwood, South Gate, and Cudahy; and on the east by Santa Fe Springs, South Whittier, and La Mirada. One of the world’s busiest intersections is the intersection of Lakewood Boulevard and Firestone Boulevard, not far from the town’s center. The largest employers in Downey are Kaiser Permanente, which has four locations in Downey; the local school district; the Stonewood Center shopping mall; and Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center. The originating Taco Bell was built in Downey in 1961, and the oldest still-standing McDonald’s is in Downey on Lakewood Boulevard, though it was almost closed down. It retains the original design, including the outside-dining floor plan and the “Spee-Dee” sign featuring the original mascot for the chain. Downey also has connections to some well-known musicians and musical groups. The pop group the Carpenters moved to Downey before they became famous, and when they released a few hit songs, they bought a pair of apartment buildings that remain there, each named after one of their singles. The band The Blasters was formed by Downey natives Dave and Phil Alvin. Weird Al Yankovic was also born in Downey. The Downey area is home to two golf courses, the famous and well-respected Rio Hondo Country Club and the relatively modest Los Amigos Golf Course.

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