Canoga Park, California

Canoga Park is a low-lying, ethnically diverse, mostly residential neighborhood close to the eastern edge of the San Fernando Valley. To the north is Chatsworth; to the east are Winnetka – which used to be part of Canoga Park, Reseda, and Northridge; to the south are Woodland Hills including Warner Center; and to the west are West Hills – which also used to be part of Canoga Park until the residents changed the name, Bell Canyon, and a stretch of trail-covered mountain ranges, containing the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve and Cheeseboro/Palo Comado Canyons. The people who live in Canoga Park have an income that matches the average for Los Angeles, around fifty-two thousand dollars per year. In addition to the residential areas, Canoga Park has a large district of small to large warehouses and studios bounded by Roscoe Boulevard to the north, Saticoy to the south, Owensmouth to the west, and Variel to the east. A birds-eye view of this neighborhood shows this district to consist of acres of flat, gray roofs of varying sizes, parking lots for large trucks and employees’ cars, and huge storage bins. It is not a huge secret that a large number of the country’s largest and most well-known adult-oriented businesses make their headquarters under some of the roofs in this section of Canoga Park. To service Canoga Park’s businesses, a freight railroad passes nearby. Some of these businesses are involved in manufacturing, some are machine shops, design or art studios, and some are warehouses and distribution centers. They hire a wide range of employee to handle the various duties done there. One major aerospace company was situated in Canoga Park until they closed that location. Indeed, many such companies used to have operations in this city until they closed them. However, that company, along with others in the same industry, is supplied by a number of the independent machine shops that operate in the area. Given the state of the current reshaping of the aerospace industry, these machine shops are often challenged to beat the prices that the local aerospace companies can get oversees or even elsewhere in the country, and may be motivated to underpay their employees for their labor. They may pay people on the production line a flat salary and make them work long hours under threat of termination if they refuse; or they may choose to pay by the piece rather than by the hour. The latter – paid by the piece – may provide incentive for an employee to be efficient productive; but it also can lead to wage and hour violations. The employee under such an arrangement may not receive the required paid rest periods if he or she is under pressure to continue working to meet a certain production amount. Furthermore, the employee may not receive the overtime pay rate for work past the eighth hour on a given workday.

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