Calabasas, California

Calabasas is a largely residential area close to the very western end of Los Angeles County. Residents of Calabasas are generally wealthy, and tend to live in large gated communities. The city is not completely residential, however. To drive past Calabasas on Highway 101 is to see a string of low-lying buildings and industrial parks belonging to technology industries who have established their headquarters there. These employers provide a wide range of jobs to prospective employees from entry-level food service positions to office administration positions, to programming and data analysis positions. Given the general wealth of the city and the high property values, employees who work in the lower-paid segments of the labor force normally must commute from areas where living expenses are lower. However, employees in all sectors of the workforce are equally subject to being sexually harassed, wrongfully terminated, or improperly paid for their labor. For instance, some computer workers employed in Calabasas may have been misclassified by the employer as exempt from overtime and made to work long hours and weekends without a commensurate increase in compensation, being paid a flat salary. Depending on the actual duties performed by the computer worker, he or she may be owed for the overtime hours worked. Frequently such employees may not complain about this lack of overtime compensation because they may feel the risk of losing what they consider a high-paying job with potential for advancement in the profession; however; our office is experienced in handling cases of misclassified employees and pursuing their owed wages.

To the west of Calabasas are the neighborhoods of Agoura and Agoura Hills, the latter of which lies on the boundary between Los Angeles County and Ventura County. To the south of Calabasas are the canyons and mountain ranges known collectively as the Santa Monica Mountains, which divide Los Angeles roughly into two sections, the northern half comprised of the San Fernando Valley and the cities that make it up, and the southern half made up of the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding towns and districts. People in the San Fernando Valley often take the canyon roads that run through Calabasas and neighboring towns to get to the beaches along the coastline, such as Zuma and Malibu.

Our office is a 45-minute drive from Calabasas. We are located in the heart of Beverly Hills, best reached by driving on the 101 freeway toward Los Angeles, taking the San Diego Freeway southbound and exiting at Santa Monica Boulevard and driving east. If you have been wrongfully terminated from your job or feel that you have not been properly compensated for your work, or if you have been sexually harassed on the job and are unsure how to proceed, give our office a call at (323) 857-5900.