Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills, California is one of a small handful of cities within Los Angeles County with a name known the world over for what it represents as much as for what it is. Built up from tracts of land that were once used both for farming and oil exploration in the 19th century, Beverly Hills is now an aspirational city, a concrete metaphor for the virtually unattainable life and lifestyle, for the achievement of success and excess. Beverly Hills has the highest median home price in the U.S., arguably the most famous zip code in the country (90210), and one of the most famous shopping zones, identified by the name of one of its streets, Rodeo Drive. The city is known for huge, fancy residences – castles, really – on massive tracts of well-manicured real estate along meandering avenues that are carved into hillsides, but also for landmarks like the Beverly Hills Hotel, Greystone Mansion and the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Tourists from all over the world take tours of Beverly Hills neighborhoods and stores to gawk at the excess and to dream of a time when they, too, could take part in such conspicuous consumption. The means to pursue such dreams can be found in Beverly Hills, in the form of two well-known talent agencies, the Endeavor Talent Agency and William Morris Agency. To be stuck in traffic on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills is to share the asphalt with the very latest in high-priced luxury vehicles. There are about 36,000 residents of Beverly Hills who enjoy the lushest parks and proximity to some of the world’s best restaurants and entertainment options. To the West of Beverly Hills are Westwood, home to the University of California at Los Angeles, and Bel Air, another expensive residential community, though not to the same degree as Beverly Hills. To the south are the glass office towers of Century City and the neighborhood of Pico Robertson. To the east is West Hollywood and central Los Angeles. To the north are the Santa Monica Mountains, on the other side of which are the San Fernando Valley districts of Studio City and Sherman Oaks.

Our office is located at the eastern border of Beverly Hills on Wilshire Boulevard, two short blocks east of La Cienega. We encourage you to give us a call at (323) 857-5900 in the event you feel your rights as an employee to be paid just wages for your hard work, to take necessary CFRA/FMLA leave without fear of termination or other retaliation, and to work in an environment free of harassment or retaliation for demanding that your rights be respected have been violated. We will give you a free consultation and go over your situation with you.